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finally tonight, republicans and democrats have taken heat for not being able to compromise on various issues in washington. it appears as valentine's day was approaching, both parties were able to set aside their
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differences and get along. we may have missed it though, at least for the state of the union. [ applause ] [ applause ] members of congress, i have the highest privilege. >> dear sweet john boehner. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. a. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." that troubled cruise ship called triumph is anything but. we will have the latest on the condition from the passengers. in fact, they will take us inside to see the hellish
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conditions on board. >> it was supposed to be a luxury vacation. thousands of passengers on this ship, it became a disaster. >> we are all hot and there is no air this has been going on too long. >> now we know it won't end when the ship finally reaches port. olympic blade runner oscar prix police torous. -- held hostage by the accused cop killer christopher dorner. >> put our hands behind our back and tied our hands. >> they say they thought they were going to die. >> he went to the bathroom and came back with a couple of washcloths and stuck one in each of our mouths.
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>> tonight, moments of terror and how this couple survived. >> shepard: first from fox this thursday night, they say they have had to wait in line for cold food. use plastic bags as bathrooms. endure day in the dark and the heat without airconditioning, and for thousands of people on board that carnival cruise ship triumph relief is still many hours away. new photographs just in from passengers show the conditions on board that thing. you can see they have built a tent city outside some have been sleeping there. we have seen images of raw sewage in the halls. one described the experience as being like katrina in the dome. engine fire on sunday knocked out the ship's power and propulsion it was stuck in the gulf of mexico. no way to move at all. tug boats have been towing it back to land very slowly. about fast you can walk. speeds of sometimes just a mile an hour or so. now it's up to six miles per hour they tell us this afternoon another set back when one of the tow lines
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broke. eventually they replaced it but very slow going. the tugs are bringing that ship into port in mobile, alabama, passed off an island into mobile bay and eventually to the port of mobile. those waiting for passengers to arrive say they are hearing of all of conditions on board. >> she texted this morning at 4:30 said the rooms smelled like outhouse. no airconditioning, and no restroom for three and a half days. >> shepard: executive with carnival says the crews line is doing the best it can under the circumstances. >> we have delivered additional provisions to the carnal triumph. that happened last night. the ship is in excellent shape now and will be fully provisioned to provide all the food services for the guests certainly by the time the ship docks this evening. >> shepard: that's great. everything will be great by the time the ship reaches port eventually. jonathan on fox. just getting the people off this thing, jonathan is going to take hours. >> it's going to be an ordeal with the loss of power, the ship has only one functioning
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elevator. by and large, most of the passengers are going to have to use the stairwell. those who need help will get help from carnival crew members. most carrying their own luggage down the stairwell. listen to this. >> our best estimate right now, once the ship ties up. qui estimate it will take four to five hours to complete getting the guests off the ship. it will take us some time but we do have a good plan in place and we have a lot of people in place. >> the latest estimates from the ship arriving at this crews terminal sometime between 9:30 and half past midnight central time. so it's going to be a very late night for thousands of carnival cruise ship passengers, shep. >> shepard: many hours after that obviously before they get them all off there and then it is not over o. >> that's right. a few of them have family and friends meeting them in
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mobile. most of those passengers, more than 3,000 passengers on that ship total, most of them will be boarding tour buses taking them either to their home ports in texas or some going to new orleans to overnight and board charter flights. so this is homecoming process that is going to go well into friday. shep? >> shepard: all right i jonathan serrie, go back to him as events warrant. get to ed buck who took the crews with fiance to celebrate their fourth celebration together. what a celebration. there he is here is a picture of ed with one of those biohazard bags some passengers have used as makeshift toilets. he joins us live now from the ship. ed, how are you holding up? >> we are holding up pretty well. they are doing the best they can. we're glad to see some land and hope to port soon. i heard part of your report. that's the part we are not all thrilled about is trying to get off the ship with our
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bags. >> that's not going to be easy, ed. you sent some pictures in. i wanted to show viewers ones of cots is this your sleeping arrangement we are looking at here? where is that? >> no. these are different decks. there are some that are on the outside deck. kind of a tent city situation. because the sun was hot. and then a lot of the interior -- what you want to call it outside decks that near where the life boats are. >> shepard: looking at phone chargers. couple places on the whole ship for thousands of people to charge their phones. >> that's the truth. those are charging parties. think of it as a hurricane party. that's where everybody is hanging out to charge their batteries. that's all we can do. and i'm, in fact, running low on battery myself. but, you know, i have got a give kudos to the crew. they are doing a great job. but, yeah. this has been a pretty rough trip. >> shepard: tent cities up on the deck there one person called these refugee camps.
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refugees from the bowles of the ship. >> that's the deal. first four floors everyone is upstairs. now. it was very difficult with the sewage smells and the lack of light and air for the airconditioning. >> shepard: my understanding down in the ship pitch black. describe the smells, et cetera. >> you know, it smells like old rank water stale air. no air is blowing through. you know, there was some sewage spillage and everybody, of course, is using the biobags, although the crew picks them up very quickly as you put them outside. you just can't function without a flashlight down stairs. so everybody on the lower floors has had to come upstairs that's just the way it is. >> shepard: i hear once you finally got off there 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning the crews line is going to give you
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money, refund and a free ticket to do it again. are you excited? >> i am excited. i think it's very good of them to do that. >> shepard: you will kousagen? >> oh, i would absolutely kousagen. in fact, i would probably crucial on carnival just because the crew made such a valiant here. >> shepard: that's the attitude. i will tell you. what ed buck, who are you here with. >> here with my fiancee. and we thought we were getting away for a little four day jaunt. >> shepard: ed buck one of the passengers still on there. good luck in mobile. >> thanks a lot. we appreciate it. >> he would monitoring the progress of this cruise ship it is creeping along. it will pass dolphin island and stay to the right, of course, red, right, return the wind is going to cause some problems for them right now
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blowing at 6 to 7 miles per hour. it's a tight squeeze in there with the tug boats why will monitor it throughout the night and inside fox report there is a lot of news today though that has escaped some. olympic hero who made history is now accused of shooting his girlfriend dead early on local reports indicated this may have been some sort of accident. tonight police say that it did not come from them. track star oscar pristorious was the first double amputee ever to run in the olympic games. you remember he became a breakout star last summer in london. he was everywhere. his prosthetic legs earned him the nickname blade runner. he shot his girlfriend not once but four times in his own home. that girlfriend, a successful model, you see her here. she was one of the fhm sexiest women in all the world. not once but two years running. she was also a law school grad who championed women's rights. in fact, she was set to speak at a school just hours before
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she died. also in her final hour, she tweeted about valentine's day asking what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? little did she know he? today cops took pristorious for questioning. his head covered as photographers snapped away. now police are shooting down early reports that this -- that he may have mistaken his girlfriend for a burglar they also say it's not his latest run in with the law. police say they have been to this house before. >> domestic case in 2009. accused of assaulting 2009 slamming her leg in the door after she refused to leave a peamplet he ended up spending the night in jail. the charges were later dropped. pistorius has made no secret for his love for guns. he has a pistol by his bed machine gun near his window. recently grabbed a gun and ran
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down stairs when his home alarm went off looking for intruder but there was no intruder. the crime rate in south africa is very high. journalists there say pistorius lives in a virtual fortress. listen. >> one of the most secure ones of the estates there is probably about 40 or 50 homes and electric fencing and high walls surrounding it with a security and 24 hour security guarding the place. oscar pistorius' home is situated in one of those complexes. >> we should note that neighbors did hear screaming and yelling inside pistorius' house before the shooting. >> she a super star model he he a super star athlete with a nike contract. they can't think much about this. >> if you look at his official web site there is this nike ad it is way too close to the subject at hand. it shows him as you can see there kind of going off the starting blocks of a race. look at the caption "i amount
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bullet in the chamber." the ad has now been taken down. other billboards in and around south after infantry can a towns also featuring pistorius also being removed. his hearing is set for tomorrow. prosecutors are already making it very clear that they do not buy this whole team or theory that this was a case of mistaken identity because they say they will protest him being set free on bail. we should get some reasoning as to exactly why they are protesting that some time during the hearing tomorrow afternoon, shep. >> shepard: wow, trace gallagher live for us. thank you very much. some breaking news coming. in the hostage that fugitive excops held in california now breaking their silence about their terrifying ordeal. >> and he he came in like with a cord and tied it around. >> put a pill will he case over our head first. >> shepard: here is the breaking news. medical examiners have released results of the autopsy of the charred remains found in that burned out
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cabin. we have results and they are next. plus, we're tracking, of course, the stricken cruise ship limping toward port in lower alabama. continuing coverage ahead on the east coast news from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. scalpel. clamp. glitter. [ male announcer ] staples makes it easier to get everything your business needs. even custom banners. and now get 50% off banners and posters. staples. that was easy. all the things we love about sunday meals into each of her pot pies. like tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a golden flaky crust that's made from scratch. marie callender's pot pies. it's time to savor.
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>> shepard: fox urgent now investigators confirmed that the body found in the mountains in california is that indeed of the admitted cop killer christopher dorner. investigators say they identified him using dental records. chris dorner is accused of killing four people during a nine-day rampage across southern california. he died on tuesday at a cabin in big bear lake after a shootout with deputies and others. before his body was identified. dorner's mother released a statement to our fox station tttv in los angeles. it is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to anyone that
4:18 pm
suffered logs or injuries resulting from christopher's actions. she goes on to write we do not condone christopher's actions. we're now also hearing from two people who say that dorner held them hostage before that shootout. early reports indicated dorner had taken captive two housekeepers. that information turned out to be wrong. the hostage were actually the owners of a resort in big bear. they say they walked through the cabin on tuesday. found a man there, his gun drawn. >> did you know it was him? >> oh, yes. as soon as i saw him. >> yes. >> he talked to us trying to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. >> he had some plastic ties, great big tie wrappers on and he put our hands behind our back and tied our hands. made us get up and walk in the back bedroom back there first he had us lay on the bed and crossed our feet. then he changed his mind and have me lay on the floor lay flat and cross my feet.
4:19 pm
he bound us with the plastic ties and then he pulled the hands real tight so you couldn't move and cut my circulation off. cut my circulation off immediately. did her. did the same thing. >> did you think he was going to kill you then? >> not. when he had me laying on the ground yes, i really did. i thought he has changed his mind. he was just trying to calm us down get us in here and do this. >> shepard: cop killer is tieing you up. can you imagine? he said dorner stuck washcloths into their mouths to keep them quiet and put pillowcases over their head. then dorner escaped in their nissan. they were able to get a cell phone and call 911. that call actually alerted police of dorner's presence. and led to that final standoff at the cabin where he died. if not for them, who knows? adam housley at big bear lake again tonight. any other information that report confirming dorner's identity? >> obviously they used dental records, shepard. the report we heard earlier today might come out as a
4:20 pm
split report. sheriff can release the whole thing at one time or give a preliminary finding and then a full report later on. we heard some rumors earlier in the day from authorities that they might release a name precisely because so many people have been saying online that christopher dorner might have escaped or people here in town were worried that have been a possibility, of course. he eliminated that with the name recognition. using dental records. we do expect though, shepard, a larger report soon that will tell you the cause of death. cops believe he shot himself as that cabin was fully engulfed in flames, shepard. >> shepard: new activity i'm told at that burned out cabin. >> yeah. in fact three tow trucks have gone in along with a bomb squad. the thought is is or we're told that two of those cars, a car jacked nissan taken from here where i'm located as well as that white truck that he carjacked, those two will be toed out to the forensic lab for further investigation. of course, the bomb squad has to go through and make sure there is no live ammunition that might endanger anybody. we're not sure what that third vehicle is potentially one ever the patrol cars that may
4:21 pm
have been shot up. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley at big bear lake. news from capitol hill chuck hagel the president says he is sure he is confident. chuck hagel should be confirmed. wait until you see what happened this afternoon. some tough and perhaps unprecedented road blocks have just gone up on the way to the cabinet. we'll have the breaking news and the fallout coming up from washington and miss america is moving, again. not the person but the pageant. leaving las vegas after six years in sin city. so miss america, where are you going? now we know. that's coming up. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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>> shepard: breaking news today on capitol hill. senate republicans just forced
4:25 pm
a delay the white house says it still expects the senate to to confirm hagel. eventually. former senator nebraska iran and other issues. some senators are demanding more answers and by many accounts it didn't go well the first time. mike emanuel at his post on the hill. we're hearing from the president now, right? that's right. president obama says chuck hagel is imminently qualified to be secretary of defense. in a google plus hangout late today the commander and chief sounded irritated by the process. >> the notion that we would see an unprecedented filibuster, just about unprecedented. we have never had a secretary of defense filibustered before. >> um-huh. >> there is nothing in the constitution that says that somebody should get 60 votes. there are only a handful of instances in which there has been any kind of filibuster of
4:26 pm
anybody. >> even though outgoing secretary of defense leon panetta says he will stay on until hagel is confirmed. senate majority leader harry reid who likes panetta called him as lame as a duck can be, shep? >> shepard: republicans say they are not trying to kill this nomination so what are they trying to do? >> that's right. republicans say that the democrats didn't seem to mind a 60 vote requirement when president bush was in office o. and they were his nominees. leading republicans say bottom line is, they aren't playing games here. there are solid public policies between members of this side of the aisle and the nominee. this is not about politics. this is not about personalities questions about should iran be able to get a nuclear weapon. >> unless there is some huge nomination in the coming days. they expect chuck hagel will get confirmed in about 10 days. shep?
4:27 pm
>> shepard: mike emanuel on the hill tonight. jerusalem is i shore about to get a boost from beautiful women. cutting a deal to return to atlantic city after years in vegas. it's a huge boost for jersey's tourism industry. coming months after that super storm sandy made a mess out of parts of the shore there. they are still working out the details. officials say the pageant will spend at least three years in ac. that planned merger of american airlines and u.s. airways is no longer planned. it's done. and it could wind up costing everybody who buys airline tickets. that's the concern from lawmakers on capitol hill. reaction from fliers coming up. plus, a stunner from katie couric. she says somebody has been making 911 phone calls from a phone line belonging to her late husband. what in the world as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: somebody has been using katie couric's phone to call 911 from inside her house. a spokeswoman for that tv host confirms a phone line listed in the name of couric's late husband has been dialing police over and over again at least 10 times so far. every time it happens, cops have to send officers over to her apartment here in new york city. police reportedly suspect somebody may be hijacking her line and calling 911 as some sort of very cruel prank. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
4:32 pm
and a brutal waiting game as thousands of passengers and crew were stranded on a filthy broken down cruise ship inch closer to a port in alabama. closer to -- closer to family, showers and beds. after five days of absolute misery. five days without working toilets and sweltering heat with little food and water in many cases. sleeping in tent cities on the deck. the latest guess as to when they will finally dock in mobile bay is at least three hours from now on the early side. them comes the work of getting the passengers out one functioning elevator on board that will be challenging. honestly our best estimate right now. once the ship ties up, we estimate that it will take four to five hours to complete deboardcation to get all the passengers off the ship. it will take us some time we have a good plan and a lot of people in place. >> they have one working
4:33 pm
elevator. by the time the last person steps foot it could be nearly dawn and still their ordeal will not be over because buses are waiting to drive some of those passengers either two hours to new orleans or seven hours back to the ship's home port in galveston. to get there, you have to go through houston where our correspondent ford atkinson from kriv fox station live in mobile tonight. have you spoken with some family members. how are they doing? >> hey, shep. how are you doing? yeah, i have talked to several family members both yesterday and today. they are really impressing me to be honest with you. they are doing much better. they are showing a lot less frustration than i think i would if i were in their situation. some of them have been here tuesday as long as family members get off the ship sometime late today or tomorrow i think they are going to be fairly well satisfied, shep that carnival has done everything they can to get their family members to them as quickly as that ship could.
4:34 pm
shep medevac out of there.ding y held a press briefing 3:15 this afternoon. they revealed that a female passenger had to be medevaced, taken to a hospital with stroke symptoms. we do not know what her condition is. she is off the ship right now. i understand from talking to a man. that a couple people may have fallen down and suffered broken bones. one a broken bone and -- broken arm and one a broken leg. >> shepard: thank you. lawmakers say the creation of the world's largest airline could end up costing passengers more. oh really? today congress reacted to news that american airlines and u.s. airways plans to merge and become just american. the story broke last night's fox report. it will be the latest major merger and that usually, history tells us, fewer flights and higher prices. enough to the senate plans a hearing on the impact of this deal and what impact it might
4:35 pm
have on passenger's wallets. casey stegall has. this he is live american's hub in dallas. casey, what are passengers saying? >> well, shepard, i have got to say mixed emotions. some people are happy american will keep its name and keep its look. they are happy to have more options. combined frequent flier program. the real rub here as you can imagine the potential for paying those higher fares. >> when two large airlines combine, usually your ticket price will go up. so, i think in the future that's what we might see. >> the one thing is is that prices in certain cities could go up because you have less competition. >> this mega merger gives american airlines a much stronger presence on the east coast. utilizing existing u.s. airways hubs in charlotte and in philly, shep. >> shepard: you wonder for how long. how long until we notice changes? >> by no means this is final. today's announcement is simply that both sides have reached a deal. there is a lot of paperwork that has to be done. a lot of people who have to sign off on, this including
4:36 pm
the u.s. department of transportation. so, executives with the new airline say they expect this will all be done by the third quarter. meaning late summer. into early fall. shep? >> shepard: casey stegall tonight for us. new signs the labor market is improving with the number of americans seeking jobless benefits down and sharply. labor department reports new claims dropped by 27,000 last week. beating expectations. applications from now fallen in four of the past five weeks. and indication of steady job growth. still, experts note that the easy -- i should say the east coast blizzard could have had an effect on those numbers. nasdaq up only a piece. experts say blame europe. gerri willis is here from the fox business network. what happen in europe today? i was there this morning. i should probably know. >> you should know already. here is what happened. g.d.p. down. growth is shrinking. for the third quarter in a row. the report sixth tenths of a percent contraction in g.d.p.
4:37 pm
growth. not pretty. here is the worst part some people are not paying attention to. it's germany. germany is the economic power house for that region. they are not do well either. >> shepard: economy is so closely tied together. markets close lower today that was a problem. >> not much nine points. >> they have you had been up. >> like housing today those numbers are incredible. >> see no dice. europe is a big trading partner with us and we rely on them to buy our goods. so, forget the good housing numbers. >> shepard: i saw the foreclosures in california are down 6 a%. >> good stuff. >> i know. >> thank you, gerri. >> you are welcome. >> at least five people reported dead tonight and dozens more reported hurt as a passenger plane clips airport weather station and crash lands. and that's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> ukraine. the twin turbo prop was carrying some 40 soccer fans to a match when it went down
4:38 pm
during a scheduled landing. the plane reportedly hit the ground between two landing strips. broke in two. and caught fire. the head of the airline told local media the pilot should not have tried to land in the foggy conditions. officials investigate. bolivia, authorities returned more than 250 stolen vehicles to chile. its neighbor to the southwest. they say smugglers bling in cars and trucks to pay for drugs. last month, chile jailed three bolivian soldiers who had reportedly chased car thieves across the border. mexico. transforming deadly weapons into musical instruments. part of a program against gun trafficking and drug cartel violence that's killed 70,000 people the past six years. a sculpture takes firearms authorities have seized and turns gun barrels, magazines and pistol parts into percussion instruments.
4:39 pm
taiwan. more than 100 couples released heart shaped lanterns into the sky to celebrate valentine's day. the floating lights are a century's old that dismghts some men use the occasion to propose to their girlfriends. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: floating burning lanterns news from the future. officials in chicago warning of a brand new public enemy number one. he has never even set foot in chicago. coming up, we will tell you who is so big and so bad, they are digging up the term once reserved for al capone. plus, there is another manhunt in a major american city as fox reports tonight. cops are searching for an escaped sex offender who has vowed that he will never go back to prison. the hunt for this man coming right up. can it help protect your people and property,
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>> shepard: the cops are searching for a violent sex offender who escaped custody by stab ago police officer. that out-of-breath officer called 911. here, listen. >> where is the guy who stabbed you? >> he ran. >> which way did he go? >> i can't tell you. >> where are you stabbed at. >> i have been stabbed in the neck. >> stabbed in the neck. >> shepard: wow, police were taking this inmate from a miami to a prison in nevada but during a stop in houston, they say he used a piece of his eyeglasses to stab the officer and run away. now officials in the dallas area warn this guy is extremely dangerous. they say he told fellow inmates they would never see him in prison again. natalie solis from our station fox 4 in dallas is live in grapevine, texas. natalie, what's the latest on this search? >> shep, unfortunately, not a
4:44 pm
whole lot of new leads. not a lot to go on. but top brass from the miami-dade police department arrived in texas this afternoon. this is really the first time that they have had a chance to meet with their stabbed detective. police say he was seriously injured while transporting that convicted felon alberto morales. apparently using his sharpened eyeglasses as a weapon. the officials who are here, they are here to assist in the search. and maybe get some questions answered as to how this violent criminal was able to escape in the first place. shep? >> shepard: you know, originally they were flying to nevada, right? what's the deal with that? how did they end up in texas? >> let's connect the dots. it's a little complicated. he was going to the miami area being transported to nevada. they had a scheduled stop in houston. apparently he was being so disruptive on this commercial flight, banging his head on the back of the seat that on
4:45 pm
that stop they were told they simply could not get back on. that is when the decision was made that they would go ahead and drive him to nevada. well, a third officer was going to be flown in. but he was flown in to the dfw airport. they drove from houston to this area and they didn't have a chance to make it to the airport. they arrived a little early. ended up going to a wal-mart. one officer goes in and apparently that is when morales decided to make his attack and go for the escape. >> shepard: the search is on. natalee solis live for us from grapevine, texas. thanks a lot. chicago has a new public enemy number one. you have heard about this? that's a label that hasn't been used since the mobster al capone ruled the streets back in 1930. it's back and it's because of this guy. local officials in chicago in the office of drug enforcement there have formally given this mexican drug boss this destination. joaquin guzmond more vicious,
4:46 pm
evil and has more powerful and financial capability than al capone could even imagine. that's what they are saying. even though they is based in mexico. his cartel reaches all the way to the windy city. >> in chicago alone, over 90 of the marijuana, cocaine, mayor win, methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs that are being sold on the streets while we are standing here have come from this cartel. >> shepard: more than 90%. agents singling him out in the hope of building public support for going after him. the u.s. government is offering a 5-million-dollar reward for his capture. a big brawl at a roller rink in oregon caught on camera. it happened apparently started when a security guard tried to break up a fight between a woman and a teenage girl. look at this. witnesses say things got uglier when somebody punched the guard in the face. see that? they tried to fight back. several attackers went after him. he is apparently doing okay
4:47 pm
now. some workers broke up the scuffle and the suspects walked out the door. this all happened last month but the cops have just released the video saying they hope somebody will help them i.d. these teens and that they could face assault charges. there is word tonight the pope had an accident about a year ago. one that left him bleeding all over his room. and the word is it came just before he decided to resign. tonight, what vatican officials say about all of this coming up. plus, we're keeping tabs on that floating sewer system known as the carnival triumph. the cruise ship with thousands of people on board still hours from shore. we will get a live update as fox reports live tonight. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages.
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>> shepard: when we left rome at the crack of dawn this morning, had no idea this was coming. the vatican now confirms pope benedict the xvith hit his
4:51 pm
head pretty hard during a trip to mexico last year. we just learned of this today. the a spokesman says it didn't effect his decision to resign. italian newspaper reports the pope hit his head when he got up in a middle of the night in a room in mexico. reportedly left blood in his hair, on his wed sheets and on the carpet below. his skull cap hid the injury and it didn't become public at all until now. the vatican newspaper reports pope benedict actually made the decision to resign after that trip. he is stepping down at the end of this month. here at home the only thing worse for our economy would be a major war that's what one senate democrat said today about automatic spending cuts set to kick in two weeks from tomorrow. republican leaders don't like the idea either. it's the fallout from the fiscal cliff deal which only delayed the cuts until march the 1st. if lawmakers can't cut a new deal. $85 billion from defense and domestic programs. that would mean temporarily
4:52 pm
laying off thousands of pentagon staffers. air traffic controllers, border guards and federal agents. carl cameron is in d.c. carl? >> thanks, shep. senate democrats today actually proposed their alternative to all these across the board cuts. they come up at the end of the month. it's $55 billion in spending cuts. and $55 billion in tax increases. but ta up $650 billion already this year. so when republicans heard that they i. the democrats were talking about more, the g.o.p. said no way. not a solution. even they know it can't pass. political stunt designed to mask the fact they have offered no solutions. >> congressional budget office estimates the cuts would trim 8% off the department of defense and about 5% to 6% off othe rest of the agencies. democrats insist that any solution to decades of deficit spending has to include tax hikes on the rich. is is it a spending problem? no.
4:53 pm
it's because we have a misallocation of capital. a misallocation of wealth. we have a tax code that is skewed for the wealthy. >> so republicans have offered alternatives to the automatic cuts and democrats have now said no to those. now it was the other way around with democrats offering spending relief and tax increases and the republicans said no. not a lot of progress and almost no time. the deadline is two weeks from tomorrow, shep. but we're talking about congress here. the house is on vacation next week. the senate has got a limited time too. all tolled, it's probably five or six work days total to cut a deal and nothing close in sight. >> shepard: can you know there is only one senator who is a veteran of world war ii and now we know he is retiring. new jersey democrat frank lautenberg also the oldest senator 89. he says he will not run for a sixth term next year. but long before today's announcement the newark mayor cory booker of twitter fame a fellow democrat had already said he is interested in running for that seat. and today a reporter asked
4:54 pm
senator lautenberg if he talked to mayor booker. the senator said he doesn't have my number. wow. the squatter who spent weeks living for free in boca raton in the mansion before he finally got the boot has found his way back inside a luxury home. this time courtesy of a green screen. he has a new online rap video. loci boy's trip from the mansion to the music world. thank you, loci boy. infinite joy. details and the song next. ll pu, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash, but i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes. cupcakes? yes. do you want an etch-a-sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no. you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet?
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4:57 pm
>> shepard: continuing adventures of loci boy now. the man who squatted in that mansion in boca row ton raton is a musician. he used that obscure florida law called adverse possession to move moot home before christmas. cops couldn't do anything in until the bank of america
4:58 pm
retook ownership and kicked him out of there. now the guy who goes by loci is trying to hit the big time. >> would you give me a second try ♪ how do i tell you that's mine ♪ if the love was truly mine ♪ why do i keep on telling you lies. >> shepard: go loki boy. song i don't want to let you go. unclear whether it's about a lover or a house. a casino that donald trump pild built poor $220 million sold for $20 million a company in california bought atlantic's city trump plaza hotel and casino. trump himself had only a 10% stake in the company that sold the casino. it's not like he took a huge hit here. the sale does mean a big change is in store because the new owners say they are going to lose the trump name. updating some of fox top story tonight. police say that body they found inside the burned out cabin in california was indeed as suspected that of the cop killer chris dorner. prosecutors have charged the
4:59 pm
history making south african olympic sprinter oscar pistorius with murdering his girlfriend. cruise ship officials say they could be hours away from getting the tug boat from bringing the carnival triumph cruise ship to shore in alabama. for days passengers had continue to during long lines for food, sleeping out in the rain and heat. using plastic bags as toilets. jonathan serrie is monitoring developments at the port of mobile tonight. jonathan? >> it's going to be a long night for these passengers. somewhere between 9:30 and half past midnight central time is when the ship is due to arrive here he a crews terminal in mobile, alabama. then it's going to take four to five hours for all of the passengers to disembark because of the power issues. there is only one functioning elevator on board the ship. have some new pictures i want to show you right now on the deck of the ship while it was in transit. looks like a tent city.

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